If your organization is exempt from sales tax, you can check out as a guest or with an account.  There will be a Tax Exempt box at checkout.

After you place your order, look for instructions on how to send us your tax-exempt paperwork. 

What paperwork do I need to provide to prove that my order is tax-exempt?

For Government Agencies, Religious Affiliations, Educational Institutions, and Nonprofit Organizations, you need to provide a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.  A sales tax exemption certificate is a document that allows an organization or agency to purchase normally taxable goods or services without paying sales tax.

For private businesses buying items for resale, you need to provide a Resale Certificate.  A resale certificate is a document that allows a business to make tax-exempt purchases based on the assumption that the items will be resold and the sales tax will be paid by the end-user.

State-by-State Resources - Click on your state.  This information is for your information only.  Please consult a tax expert / accountant who can discuss with you the details that apply to your specific situation.

SST Certificate of Exemption (applies in multiple states)





New Jersey

Application for NTTCs for New Mexico - once the form is approved by the state, you can log into TAP to generate the form we need.

New York: information available here including a link to the Resale Certificate



Tennessee: Certificates for Government and Exempt Companies

Texas: FAQ and Exemption Certificate

Virginia: InformationGovernment Certificates, Religious Non-Profit Certificates, and other Non-Profit Certificates

Wisconsin: What is Exempt Information


If you don't see the resource you need, or for further assistance, please contact orders@badgeandwallet.com or call (877)404-8413.





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