Anti-spin Nail

An anti-spin nail is a clutch pin back (pinch and open) which sits above the Screw Post & Nut attachment to stop cap badges from spinning.

Badge Attachment

Attachments are found on the back of badges, collar brass, and other insignia. We offer different attachments for different purposes: a Wallet Clip is used for wallets, cases and holders; a Screw Post & Nut is used for cap badges; and a Pin & Safety Catch is used for clothing or cases. We also offer the option of No Attachment for gluing badges into wallets, or display cases.

Badge Cut

A badge cut is the template of the basic outline of a badge. Badge cuts are needed for cutting wallets to fit badges. Each badge has its own very specific badge cut.

Basket Weave

Wallets come in two different finishes: plain or basket weave. A pattern is imprinted on the front and back of a wallet meant to look like a cross-hatched basket weave. Because of the texture, this finish provides extra grip.


A bifold wallet is one that folds over once and has two separate panels.

Black (Gunmetal) Finish

A unique and durable electroplated charcoal black finish with a slight sheen. A great option for commemorative, or anniversary badges.

Block Font

Block font is a sans-serif font that has straight, clean lines with no decoration. It is the default font for badges.

Challenge Coin

A challenge coin (or commemorative/memorial coin) is a small round medallion that displays an organization's insignia and identifies the holder as a member. Traditionally, they were used to prove membership when challenged by a sceptic.


Chevron is a V-shaped (or inverted V-shaped) line or stripe used to show a person's rank in many organizations.

Citation Bar

Citation bars (or commendation bars) are awarded to people in public safety positions for their service. They are worn on uniforms and represent an individual's brave, courageous, or honorable acts while on duty.

Coat of Arms

A Coat of Arms is a unique design that represents a person's family, corporation or country. Certain badges have a coat of arms as part of its die, which means it is built directly into the badge.

Cote D'Or™

Cote D'Or™ is a fine gold finish, with our thickest layer of 24K gold. It is coated with Clear Shield™—an extremely hard, durable protective clear coat that is guaranteed to never chip, flake, crack or tarnish, which provides a presentation-quality finish. Cote D'Or™ is usually used for awards, gifts and display badges.

Curved Shape

A badge can be manufactured to be curved or left flat, depending on where it will be displayed. If a badge is to be worn on a uniform, it is beneficial for it to be curved to reduce movement and improve appearance. Curved badges stay put when pinned to uniforms and look more professional because they are visible from different angles and the attachment is hidden from view.

Custom Badge

A custom badge is one that you design. We have many customizable badge models that can be changed to fit your specifications: finish, center seal, text, etc... Although the actual shape of the badge cannot be changed using our Custom Badge Builder, if you're interested in a fully custom badge, contact us and we can work with you to build exactly what you're looking for.

Custom Seal

A custom seal is one that you design. We have many seal options for our badges, but sometimes customers want to put their logo or other specific design on their badge. In this case, we offer custom seals for a one-time setup fee.

Deluxe Finish

Deluxe finishes include Sil-Ray™, Gol-Ray™, Gol-Ray™ with Sil-Ray™ panels, Sil-Ray™ with Gol-Ray™ panels, and Cote D'Or™. Each of these finishes has thick electroplated layers, high temperature enamels and is protected by Clear Shield™—an extremely hard, durable protective clear coat that is guaranteed to never chip, flake, crack or tarnish.


A die is a steel block with the inverse impression of a badge, seal, panel, or custom insignia on it. It is used as a mold to create the item out of metal when stamped with an industrial press.

Dress Leather

Dress leather is a style of wallet with specific edging. The edges of dress leather wallets have folded edges which are secured in place with a straight stitch.

Duty Leather

Duty leather is a style of wallet with specific edging. The edges of duty leather wallets are seamless and secured with a straight stitch.


Electroplating is a process in which a metal object is coated by electrolytic deposition with silver, gold, or another metal. Our badges are electroplated with whichever finish you choose.


Embossing is a process in which a product is stamped with a raised finish. Our Family Badges have the option of an accompanying wallet which can be embossed in gold with a multitude of title options including: "Officer’s Father", "Firefighter’s Wife", or "Friend of Deputy Sheriff".


Enamel is a glassy substance that is applied over engraved letters for a decorative appearance and as a protective coating. We offer two different types of enamel on our products: hard enamel and soft enamel, as well as many different enamel colors.


Engraving is a method where lettering or a design is carved into metal. Many of our products have the option of engraving lettering on the front, back or both.

Family Badge

Family badges are customizable miniature badges that are meant for the family or friends of emergency services workers. They are available in a Nickel or Gold Electroplate finish and can be mounted inside a wallet.


The finish is the surface coating on a badge or piece of insignia. We have many finish options for our products, including Nickel Electroplate, Rhodium Electroplate, Gold Electroplate, Sil-Ray™, Gol-Ray™, Two-Tone (Gol-Ray™ with Sil-Ray™ panels, Sil-Ray™ with Gol-Ray™ panels), Cote D'Or™, and Black (Gunmetal).

Fire Scramble

A fire scramble is a traditional fire fighting symbol that depicts a grouping of fire symbols and symbolizes preparedness. The elements of the scramble can vary from department to department, but typically contain a ladder and an axe. Some contain more modern tools of the trade, such as a helmet or a fire hydrant; while others contain more traditional tools such as a pike pole.

Flat Shape

A badge can be manufactured to be curved or left flat, depending on where it will be displayed. If a badge is to be placed inside a wallet or a display case/shadow box, it is beneficial for it to be flat to reduce bulkiness and ensure easy gluing.

Full Color Seal

A full color seal is a center seal that contains two or more enamel colors.


Gol-Ray™ is the most durable gold finish, combining heavy electroplated layers of 24Karat gold. It is coated with Clear Shield™—an extremely hard, durable protective clear coat that is guaranteed to never chip, flake, crack or tarnish.

Gold Electroplate

Gold Electroplate is a pure 24Karat gold electroplated finish. The gold is applied over a nickel base which provides a finish that is tarnish-resistant, but may show some wear over time.

Hard Enamel

Hard enamel is a glassy substance that is applied to engraved lettering, baked at a high temperature (to melt the glass), is cooled, and then stoned flush to the level of the surrounding metal. When finished, the engraved letters are smooth to the touch and level with the surrounding metal (the indentation of the letters cannot be felt). This type of enamel is optional on Standard finishes and is included with the Deluxe finishes.


Insignia is a piece of jewelry (ex: collar pins) with a distinguishing mark of office, rank, membership or honor. Insignia is usually worn on the shirt or jacket of uniforms.


Lucite is a solid transparent plastic made of polymethyl methacrylate which is used to encase badges and insignia for awards or display purposes.

Maltese Cross

The maltese cross is an eight-point symbol which originated during the Crusades. When fire was used against the Knights of St. John in a battle on the island of Malta, they banded together to fight the flames and rescue the injured. They were later said to be awarded a badge of honor similar to the maltese cross. It has come to symbolize the bravery and loyalty of those who fight fire.

Mini Badge

A mini badge is one that is less than two inches in size. These badges are the exact same quality as full-size badges, just on a smaller scale. Mini badges are often used as courtesy badges, K9 badges, or as gifts for family or friends.


Nameplates (Name Bars) are customizable bars bearing the name or organization of an individual. Worn on the uniform, nameplates make identification quick and easy, while looking clean and professional.

Nickel Electroplate

Nickel electroplate is the most economical silver tone finish. A hard layer of nickel electroplate provides a high degree of durability without a high price, but may lose some luster with age.

One Color Seal

A one color seal is a center seal that only contains one enamel color.


A panel is a raised section of a badge that usually has text in it. Depending on the size and style, a badge can have between one and six panels.

Pin & Safety Catch

A pin & safety catch is an attachment that allows badges to be pinned to uniforms or inside wallets with matching badge cut.


Regalia are the distinctive emblems of royalty, high office or an order worn by members. We offer an extensive line of regalia for the military, law enforcement, fire departments, and other emergency services.

Reverse Enamel Panel

A reverse enamel panel has raised letters that match the badge finish and have colored enamel as the background. Reverse enamel panels come in a range of standard titles, such as “Captain” and “Sergeant.” They can also be fully customized, but would require a new die (mold). If you'd like to order reverse enamel panels for your badge, please contact us.

RFID Blocker

A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocker is a thin material that can be added to most of our wallets to ensure protection against RFID skimming—a form of digital theft in which a RFID-based credit or debit card is read and sometimes duplicated by a device that can be held up to a wallet to retrieve access to someone's personal information.

Rhodium Electroplate

Rhodium Electroplate is a bright and brilliant silver tone finish that will not tarnish; a great combination of shine and durability.

Roman Font

Roman font is a serif font that has a combination of thin and thick lines with small decorative extensions at the tips.

Screw Post & Nut

A screw post & nut is an attachment that has a protruding post and a nut that screws into it. It is generally used for cap badges and is available with an anti-spin nail for extra stability.


A seal is a circular metal adornment that has an identifying design on it (such as an eagle or scales) which represent a department or organization. Seals are generally attached to the center of badges.

Service Pin

A service pin is a type of collar pin that signifies the amount of time an individual has been with their department or organization (ex: “25 years of service”).

Shell Back

A badge with a shell back has a reverse impression of the front. Shell back badges are lighter than solid back badges because they are hollow and not filled in with metal.


Sil-Ray™ is a heavy silver type of finish. Its silver tone electroplated layers combined with its extremely hard protective coating produce a brilliant finish that will stand the test of time.

Slightly Curved Shape

A badge can be manufactured to be curved or left flat, depending on where it will be displayed. If you want your badge to be somewhere in between, we offer the option of having it slightly curved.

Soft (Regular) Enamel

Soft enamel is a glassy substance that is applied to engraved lettering and baked at a low heat. The indentation of the engraved letters can be felt after the enamel is applied.

Solid Back

A badge with a solid back has a smooth backing. Solid back badges are heavier than shell back badges because they are filled in with metal.


Stamping is the process in which a hydraulic press rigged with a die (badge mold) drops several tons of force onto a sheet of metal to stamp out the shape of the die and create a badge.

Standard Finish

Standard finishes include Nickel Electroplate, Rhodium Electroplate, Gold Electroplate and Black (Gunmetal). These high quality finishes are more economical than the Deluxe finishes.

Star of Life

The star of life symbol is a blue, six-pointed star that features a snake and staff (the Rod of Asclepius) and a white border. The six sides of the star represent the six main tasks of emergency responders: (1) detection, (2) reporting, (3) response, (4) on-scene care, (5) care in transit, (6) transfer to definitive care. The snake and staff represent the Ancient Greek symbol for healing.

Stock Badge

A stock badge is one that is already produced and ready to ship. Stock badges cannot be customized. We have many stock badges that typically ship within 1-3 days.

Text Separator

A text separator is an engraved dot or star (your choice) that appears between two sets of text that are close in proximity. It breaks up the lines so they aren't confused as one line.

Tie Bar

A tie bar is a type of insignia that serves a dual purpose: it shows an individual's rank, position or department/organization, and also holds a tie in place.

Tie Tack

A tie tack is a type of insignia that shows an individual's rank, position or department/organization and attaches to a tie.


A trifold wallet is one that folds over twice and has three separate panels.


Two-tone finishes are those that combine silver and gold finishes and include Gol-Ray™ with Sil-Ray™ panels and Sil-Ray™ with Gol-Ray™ panels.

Wallet Clip

A wallet clip is an attachment that has a metal clip on the back that hooks into a cutout in a wallet and holds the badge securely in place.

Rocker Panel

A rocker panel is an extra panel that can be applied to certain badges, depending on how much space it has. Rocker panels allow the addition of an extra line of text.