We have lots of badge styles available.  So how do you find out if we have yours?

Step 1: Determine the category.  Look at the overall shape and style.  Is it a star?  An oval?  Does it have an eagle?  Click on the category that corresponds to your badge shape.  

Step 2: Determine the size.  Measure your badge from top to bottom.  Make sure you measure from the highest point to the lowest point.  Click on the corresponding size range.  

Step 3: Select the closest style.  At this point, you'll see sample badges.  All of our badges are available in silver, gold, or two-tone and with your choice of center emblem.  Don’t rule out a badge because your badge is gold but the sample is silver, or because it has the wrong state seal.  Instead, look at the details of the badge including the location and size of the text ribbons, style of the eagle (if there is one), and the background details.  If you think you’ve found a style that matches your badge, click on the image to customize it.


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