The custom badge preview images that we provide are approximate.  They are meant to give you a rough idea of how your text will look on your badge.  These images are NOT final proof images. 

Prior to production, a layout specialist will review your design.  The layout specialist will fine-tune the letter sizing and spacing.  Layout specialists follow company standards and guidelines to make sure all text is centered, sized appropriately, and fits on the panel.  Depending on your exact lettering and the badge style, we may need to make the letters smaller (less tall and less wide) to fit, or we may be able to make them larger and bolder to take up more of the panel and look more balanced.  In some cases, if there is too much text on a specific panel or banner, we may need to contact you to modify the lettering so that it can fit.  

Please do not use extra spaces between letters (P O L I C E   D E P A R T M E N T or PO LI CE  DEPA RTM ENT) as this may confuse the layout specialist.  

If you have a specific question about your badge design or the lettering layout, please email for personalized support.

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