The best attachment for your custom badge will depend on how you plan to use your badge.  


Pin & Safety Catch: For use on shirts or uniforms directly (no holder needed).  Also recommended for use with belt clip or neck chain holders.  We recommend a curved shape for badges with a pin & catch attachment.



Wallet Clip: For use in wallets or ID cases.  Wallet Clip attachments provide flexibility because the badge can be moved very easily from one leather product to another.  We recommend a flat shape for a slim profile in the wallet.



Screw Post & Nut: For use on a cap (available with anti-spin nail).



Glue in Wallet: For use in wallets, ID Cases, belt clip holders, and neck holders (leather accessories are sold separately).  If you order a leather accessory with your badge, the badge will be glued into the leather accessory.  We recommend a flat shape for this purpose.  



No Attachment: For display purposes such as a shadowbox.  Not for wearing.



Clutch Back: Most common for smaller badges, collar insignia, and lapel pins.


Lugs: For specific uniform shirts that are popular in the New York area.

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