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How to Care for Your Badge Wallet or Case

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Perfect Fit Shield Wallets' commitment to quality and attention to detail makes their badge wallets and badge cases some of the highest quality, longest-lasting leather products around. Proudly made in the USA, Perfect Fit's badge wallets and badge cases are hand tooled from start to finish by dedicated staff, ensuring a build that will last for years. We know that when you receive your badge wallet you'll be happy with it and will want to ensure it stays in great shape. To help you do that, we've put together a guide to dealing with some common leather issues that can be encountered:

Natural wear & tear: Your badge wallet or badge case will of course wear over time like all leather products will. Aged, worn leather is most often a desired look (e.g. “wearing in” leather shoes or boots), so natural wear and tear is actually a good thing. As the leather softens and relaxes, your badge wallet or badge case will likely look and feel better to you. In order to keep it this way some basic care is required. It's a good idea to condition your badge wallet or badge case regularly. Because leather loses its natural oils over time, regular moisturizing will ensure the product retains that moisture and your leather product will look better and last longer.

Moisture: If your badge wallet or badge case gets wet, let it dry slowly. Keep it in the form you want it to end up in (e.g. closed) and leave it to dry naturally at room temperature. Speed drying (e.g. with a hair dryer or on a radiator) can cause the leather to warp.

Extreme weather: Try to keep your badge wallet or badge case out of extreme heat or extreme cold when possible. Direct sunlight may cause the leather to fade, freezing temperatures may make the leather brittle and weak, and heat exposure can cause it to peel or bubble. Keep your badge wallet or badge case in your pocket or bag as often as possible to protect it from these extremes.

Scratches: To protect your badge wallet or badge case from scratches, keep it away from sharp or metallic objects whenever possible. You can also apply a leather polish to give it an added layer of protection (note: this will almost always change the color of the leather, so make sure to do a test on the inside of the badge wallet or badge case first to make sure the change is desirable). Apply the polish every month or so to ensure the best protection.

Dirt & Dust: If your badge wallet or badge case has small amounts of dirt marks or dust on it, the best way to remove these is to rub them off with some warm water on a gentle cloth. Light pressure should remove the marks without damaging the leather. Use gentle care. Air dry at room-temperature with the badge wallet or badge case closed to ensure it dries in the desired shape.

Perfect Fit badge wallets and cases are used by law enforcement, fire and EMS departments all over North America. They are durable, high-quality leather products that we know you'll be happy with for many years to come. Give us a call if you have any questions!