Image of Smith & Warren Badges

A badge is an extension of who you are and the job you do.

Smith & Warren understands that badges have to be as tough as the people wearing them. That is why a full warranty covering the lifetime of your badge is so important to us.

What is a “full warranty?”
Back in the mid-1970s, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act was made into federal law. The measure protects consumers by doing away with deceptive warranty practices and forcing businesses to spell out exactly what their warranties entail.

With the passage of this law, companies that claim to offer full warranties must adhere to certain rules. They cannot limit how long a warranty lasts, nor can they restrict who can own a warranty. Any service associated with a warranty, like repairs, must be completely free.

What does a Smith & Warren warranty cover?
The full warranty alongside any Smith & Warren badge promises exactly that. Should you require it, Smith & Warren will repair your badge at no cost.

It doesn’t matter whether you bought your badge yesterday or decades ago, nor does it matter if you bought the badge yourself, it was given to you by your department or passed down through generations. So long as Smith & Warren made it, the Full Warranty follows around your badge forever regardless of whose chest it’s pinned to.

You don’t need to hang onto a receipt or any other paperwork either. The Smith & Warren hallmark is stamped on the back of every badge. For added measure, Smith & Warren maintains electronic records of every badge they manufacture along with all repairs your badge undergoes throughout its existence.

Does a Smith & Warren warranty cover polishing and refinishing?
The purchase of a Smith & Warren badge includes refinishing services absolutely free. But chances are, you’ll never need them.

Since they use a state-of-the-art electroplating and clear coating techniques, Smith & Warren's protective and decorative metal layers bond electrolytically to the highly polished base material. The end result is a long-lasting finish that is designed to withstand the elements (seat belts, road dust, etc.) and will never tarnish.

Beware of companies who offer limited warranties or sneak in the word “lifetime.” Limited is a legal term to imply exactly what it says. A warranty is defined as limited if it has limitations.  Lifetime is not a legal term and must be accompanied by either limited or full. Companies that only offer limited warranties usually do so because the construction and/or finishing techniques they use do not allow them to offer a Full Warranty. They know that the badge will require extensive refinishing over time and/or repairs and therefore cannot offer the free service required by a Full Warranty.

With Smith & Warren you can buy your badge with confidence knowing that it is covered by a Full Warranty and that if it requires repair or refinishing services they will be done at no cost.

Originally published by Smith & Warren