PF-118-A-NYPD - NYPD Officer Badge Wallet with Double ID Window & 3 cc slots


The NYPD Officer Badge Wallet is professional grade for professional officers.  This wallet is strong and will stand the test of time.  

This wallet is precision crafted to fit the NYPD Officer badge and ID card, with plenty of space for credit cards and cash.

  • Features:
  • Made in the USA by Perfect Fit Shield Wallets
  • High quality, professional grade leather
  • Recessed badge cutout designed specifically to fit the NYPD Officer badge
  • Vinyl anti-scratch window for official ID card or drivers license
  • Money pocket for dollar bills
  • Plastic holder with 5 pages for photos

This wallet is cut specifically for NYPD Officer badges.  If you carry any other badge style, your badge may not fit.  No returns or exchanges will be accepted.  

ID Size: 2 1/2"x 4"